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    (the subject is “Welcome to Cook the Seasons!”). It will have your login information and a link to the member site. If you don’t see the e-mail in 10 minutes or so take a look in your spam/promotions folders. And if you find it in there, drag it over into your main inbox so you “teach” your e-mail to let CTS e-mails through.


  • Play the Get Started Game ​!

    When you sign in the first time to Cook the Seasons, you'll see our Get Started Game! It's a great way to jump right in and create your first Meal Mapper ... and you'll get a bonus "How to Choose and Use Cooking Oils" video when you finish the game!


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    Click here to go to the group and click on “Request Access.” Be sure to answer “yes” to the question, “Are you a Cook the Seasons member?” :-) We’ll get you in as soon as we see the request, and you’ll be able to share with and learn from other members -- and us! I can’t wait to be able to welcome you personally in there!



Speaking of the wisdom of our members … here are 10 tips from them to you to help you get started.

Start slow -- especially if your family isn’t 100% on board. Maybe choose 1 Core and 1 Reinvention to start. Use that Core like a side dish to other foods you know your family likes. Then make the Reinvention with leftovers of the Core later in the week. 

Give your family time to adapt by working CTS recipes in slowly, rather than all at once. And get them involved in choosing what goes on the Meal Mapper! The more invested they become in Cook the Seasons, the smoother the transition will be. 

“It’s the best ever. My family has loved everything.” 
~ Marie ​

If you’re nervous about cooking all the veggies, start with ones you’re already somewhat comfortable with and then stretch yourself from there once you’ve gained some confidence. And definitely consider signing up for the Real Food Reset!

This really will become second nature! 

Don’t expect to get a week’s worth of meals done in 60 minutes unless you’ve worked in a kitchen professionally. Give yourself several hours. Once you’re familiar with the recipes, techniques, and ways to optimize, you’ll get faster.

“This program really is the best thing out there for busy people. It’s better quality food than freezer cooking, it’s fresher and more environmentally friendly than shipped premade meals or meal kits, and it’s less stressful than trying to cook on weeknights. The recipes are delicious and healthy and can be tailored to any dietary restriction. You won’t regret this!”

~ Mel

It’s not all or nothing. Did your partner eat your leftover chicken during a midnight snack leaving no protein for dinner tonight? It’s okay to grab a rotisserie chicken on your way home. Are you coming down with the flu and don’t feel up to grilling the fish needed to pull together tonight’s dinner? It’s okay to get dinner delivered. You can always pick back up tomorrow - or even next week!

CTS works well cooking for one.. start small & ease into it. Pick 2 Cores w/2 Reinventions.

Lia’s estimates on how long food keeps are conservative. (I imagine to avoid disgruntled people!) Use fresh, local ingredients and keep a cold fridge, and food will last twice as long as the “keeps for” estimates.

“Try everything, and prepare for leftovers! And share! I can’t wait to introduce the season’s veggies to my clients.” ~ Jennifer​

Hint for doing your Meal Mapper and shopping list for one or two people--once you get the MM set, scale each core recipe back to ONE before creating your shopping list. You don't need to double a core recipe to have enough for the RI.

Since I am only cooking for two most of the time, I like to take the dishes that freeze well and freeze them in individual portions. Something like Lia's carnitas freeze well, so you can cook the recipe then pre-portion in the amounts you want.

Above all, have fun ... I can't wait to see you in Cook the Seasons!

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